bug fixes and new libraries added
0000048: [improvement] Add all the missing microphones in SHZS (artificial harmonics)
0000041: [improvement] Add the Full Brass instrument in the Junkie XL Brass library (artificial harmonics)
0000042: [improvement] Add the Berlin Symphonyc Strings library (artificial harmonics)
0000043: [improvement] Add the Berlin Strings First Chairs library (artificial harmonics)
0000044: [improvement] Add the Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 1 Library (artificial harmonics)
0000045: [improvement] Add the Berlin Woodwinds Soloists 2 Library (artificial harmonics)
0000038: [bug] Expression map of SHZS contains twice the col legno (artificial harmonics)
0000029: [cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / ORCHE-05 / SBHT (artificial harmonics)
0000030: [cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / STRIN-03 / SCSP (artificial harmonics)
0000027: [cosmetics] Typing Mistakes / VEP Template / STRIN-08 / OACE (artificial harmonics)
0000026: [cosmetics] Typing Mistake / VEP Template / PERCU-03 / SHPP (artificial harmonics)
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